Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mal Tor'an Update

I've been doing some work on my GURPS DF Megadungeon, Mal Tor'an. I've finally got a side view map that I'm more or less happy with and a rough timeline. Some of what I said about it in the last post is no longer true.

I'm finding it's fairly hard for me to do what Peter Dell'Orto says here and keep it "beer-and-pretzels" as my worldbuilding urge combined with a need to subvert tropes and avoid cliches is strong. I'm trying to resist it as I can, and hopefully I can strike some kind of nice balance.

My last GURPS DF campaign was based entirely on the premise that I completely improvise every world detail in play, and even that got some depth to it. I'm bad at beer-and-pretzels. :(

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