Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Iron Gods (Backwards) The Choking Tower: Session 4

Last week's session picked up in a dungeon immediately from where the last left off. Spoilers for a published adventure path after the jump.
Modok:  Android Magus (Bladedroid, Kensai)/8 with 26 Fame
- Balance: Artificial Intelligence/6, AI weapon, NPC
Tebryn Vonnarc: Drow Magus (Eldritch Scion, Spelldancer)/8 with 27 Fame
Kalvora: Viper, familiar, NPC
Dagna Skyforge:  Dwarf Magus(Soulforger)/7 with 25 Fame
Ankul Bitor: Ratfolk Magus/4 Alchemist (Vivisectionist)/1 Rogue/2 with 24 Fame
- Steeltail: Ratfolk Rogue/4, NPC (League Hireling)
Ilarris Zeleshi: Half-Elf (Varisian) Magus? Rogue? Arcane Trickster?, NPC

The party began to clear the area near them by checking a set of doors to the south. It appeared to be an empty storage room of some kind with shelves and boxes. Then they moved farther into the large manufactory space passing what appeared to be a jury-rigged cap on the end of one of the large tubular structures that dominate the center of the room.

They then reached an area where the collapsed hull left a narrow space and someone had rigged a deadfall trap there which they set off injuring Ankul Bitor and Steeltail, and hitting but not injuring Dagna. This was also rigged to knock the caps off of the end of the tube (now to their rear) releasing two tumorous masses of mutated android "skin": hungry fleshes.  

Despite these things regenerating (and growing) from slashing attacks and regenerating on their turns they were fairly easily defeated without any real risk of contracting Tumor Infestiation. Tebryn controlled the battlefield with a web spell, Dagna killed one with her axe (by doing way more damage to it than it was regenerating) and Modok killed the other one with spells (while it was feasting on the bodies of the deformed androids from the last encounter). 

They searched the storage room to the south, finding 155 slightly spoiled (foul-tasting; no game effect) goo-tubes and a lot of empty boxes. Using grippers they pulled the Fleshes into the pantry to clear the passage and then went back to the room Illaris was using as a camp to rest and recover. 

They eventually decided not to murder Illaris in her sleep (yet). 

The next night they continued past the deadfall into an area guarded by three Gearsman robots (there was also the wreckage of a Myrmidon robot). The Gearsmen demanded that the party turned over Casandalee. Tebryn told them he didn't know what they were talking about and attacked firing their laser pistols at the party. Modok and Dagna were able to dispatch two of them.

During the battle Balance explained to Modok the process of "cleansing" a Gearsman of the "error" which he had hinted at while they were in Starfall, though he said it "may not be tactically advisable" but that it was "less risky here than in Starfall". Modok decided to try it, and connected his power cable to Balance saying "Balance has a plan." Dagna grappled the Gearsman, and Modok plugged in the other end of the power cable. The Gearsman shot at Dagna again but was disarmed by Tebryn and Ankul Bitor. Balance left the sword (it becomes a normal Null-Blade when this happens) and two rounds later the Gearsman said "It is done" and Balance returned to the sword. The Gearsman then said, "Standing by for orders." It currently has 0 Cha (ability damage), and can't do anything (unless Modok has balance Aggregate with it) until it heals back to Cha 1.

Illaris was confused and starting asking questions, and Tebryn hit her with a Suggestion: "This makes sense to you and you want to go along with it" which at least buys them eight hours. 
XP: 2300 each 
155 goo-tubes
Timeworn laser pistols (discharged) (2), timeworn laser pistol (1 charge), mwk spears (3)
Prestige: 1 each (if  they keep the Gearsman)

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