Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pathfinder Settlement: Scrapwall

As I mentioned in the last post Lords of Rust lacks Settlement stats for Scrapwall. The players being players wanted to engage in commerce, so I ended up having to derive them myself.

Scrapwall is a sprawling junkyard of cast-off technology and useless refuse and debris stretching nearly 3 miles in length. The site was once one of the nation’s greatest sources of skymetal other than Silver Mount itself, but it has long since been depleted of this precious resource. Passages and open air thoroughfares wind through and around artificial mountains of mangled metal like a maze. Though not a proper settlement, Scrapwall is far from uninhabited—the tangled stretch is infested by several bickering and squabbling gangs of bandits and thugs.
-Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars p. 17


CN Small Town 

Corruption +5, Crime +6, Economy -4, Law -7, Lore +0, Society -4, Danger 35

Qualities: Notorious, Anarchy, Impoverished

Base Limit: 800 Purchase Limit: 5,000

Spellcasting: 4th

This ends up a little different from the town presented in the adventure (the random encounter chance starts at 25 instead of 35) but probably is close enough. One thing that the players seemed to have trouble with was there not being any actual shops or markets. I see Scrapwall as a barely functional community with all aspects of life governed by gang affiliation including commerce, but I'm not sure if I was able to communicate this very well. 

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