Friday, July 24, 2015

Additional Technic League Faction Costs

A few new uses for Technic League Prestige have come up in my backwards Iron Gods game:

3 Fame: Recharge any number of technological items that use charges when at League facilities with generators.

3 Fame:  Gain access to League surgeons that install cybernetics with effective Heal +22 (including bonuses for masterwork tools, 5+ Fame, and one assistant) at 10% discount.

3 Fame 1 Prestige: Get one Nanite Canister with 10 charges.

3 Fame 1 Prestige: Get a permanent pass for the Starfall Commerce Gate.

20  Fame 1 Prestige:  Rebuild a robot, adding hit dice to raise its CR to 1/2 yours.

20  Fame 1 Prestige: Rebuild a robot by adding the Advanced Template.

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