Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Iron Gods (Backwards) Interstitial Session (Everybody Hates Drow)

The last session of my backwards Pathfinder Iron Gods adventure path game took place between the end of Lords of Rust and the beginning of The Chocking Tower. There's going to some spoilers (mostly about the end of Lords of Rust).

Modok:  Android Magus (Bladedroid, Kensai)/7 with 25 Fame
- Balance Artificial Intelligence/6, AI weapon, NPC
Tebryn Vonnarc: Drow Magus (Eldritch Scion, Spelldancer)/7 with 26 Fame
- Kalvora Viper, familiar, NPC
Dagna Skyforge:  Dwarf Magus(Soulforger)/7 with 24 Fame
Ankul Bitor: Ratfolk Magus/4 Alchemist (Vivisectionist)/1 Rogue/2 with 23 Fame

The party left the excavator complex and went to talk to Dinvaya. Tebryn convinced her to try and free Zagmander. They also hired some of the locals to go into the dungeon and bring out the heavier loot. They sold what they were able to sell in Scrapwall (but kept the technology items for their evil masters).

The next day Dinvaya succeeded in removing Zagamander's curse and she rewarded them with her Laser Torch and her mithral bracers (worth 800 gp) before she returned to the Ethereal Plane to lay her eggs in people.

The party then traveled back to
Algonard's Grave to wait for the boat that would take them down river.  Once inside the gate they were ambushed. A hawk flew down from the gate tower and attacked Tebryn, while a hidden archer (using Greater Chameleon Stride) fired an arrow and killed Tebryn (+1 Elf-Bane composite longbow with Gravity Bow and Named Bullet). Then a couple of Satyrs emerged from hiding and one used his pan pipes for Charm Person. Only Dinvaya successfully saved and she used Giant Vermin to get some giant spiders to help her (they didn't really do much). Finally five giant toads (the result of Summon Nature's Ally by all three attackers) burrowed up out of the earth. Dagna killed the other Satyr. Ankul was swallowed by a toad and killed it from the inside. The Satyr tried to command them to stop fighting, but Balance succeeded on a Sense Motive check and it didn't work on it due to the "no suicide" clause. Balance then convinced Modok to keep fighting. The archer killed Dinvaya. Dagna climbed up the tower and killed the archer (an Elf) in one hit at which point the remaining Satyr surrendered. Modok let it drop it's gear and leave (though Ankul attacked it anyway so it ran).

They searched the elf, and while she had some interesting gear: notably a stone  that apparently will teleport one Medium creature to a keyed location once only, some magically Illuminated maps relating to the Darklands and some Dark Flares (an alchemical item that blinds Darkvision.

They also looted Dinvaya. And discovered that the staffing of the outpost (the old Paladin and three fighters)  had been murdered with arrows and buried in the graveyard.

After that they traveled to Torch, claimed the 8,000 gp for destroying the relay in Scrapwall and returned Dinvaya's body to Jorum. Tebryn was able to convince him that he still owed them the Lesser Rod of Extend Metamagic because they had completed the task (deliver the message to Dinvaya) that he asked them to and it wasn't their fault she died.

They left Torch and went north to Starfall where they checked in with the home office. Tebryn got promoted to Lieutenant and Ankul to Assistant (due to the chaos of the league these are the same rank). They sold all that tech loot to the League.  Ankul and Dagna got some cybernetics installed, and Tebryn got a Girdle of Opposite Gender for a sex change.

They also convinced the League they got Dinvaya killed on purpose and earned 1 Prestige, getting paid twice.

I think it's fairly amusing that they got a reward by convincing somebody that Dinvaya's death wasn't their fault, and a reward for convincing somebody else that it totally was.

XP: 2400 each 
Laser torch, mithral bracers (800gp), 
Mysterious Archer: 
Potion of cure light wounds (5), wand of cure light wounds, darkflare (5); mithral chain shirt, +1 elf-bane composite longbow (+2 Str), arrows (14), mwk longsword, belt of giant strength +2, campfire bead, cloak of elvenkind, headband of inspired wisdom +2, home stone, ring of protection +1,magically illuminated map of known Darklands entrances, magically illuminated map of Nar-Voth, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, hemp rope (50 ft.), mess kit, pot, sunrod (5), torch (10), trail rations (5), waterskin, 3 gp, 9 sp, 10 cp
Satyrs (x2):   
Dagger, short bow plus 20 arrows, masterwork panpipes
Dinvaya Lanalei:  
bang grenades (2), inferno grenade, chainmail, heavy steel shield, +1 light hammer, light hammer, silver raven, batteries (2), gravity clip, 78 gp
Buried with Captain Andalen: 
Mwk Scimitar
Prestige: 1 each.

Correction: The satyrs went first, Tebryn saved but the elf killed him before his turn.

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