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Iron Gods (Backwards) The Story So Far (Part II: Fires of Creation)

In Part I  I covered character creation and campaign backstory. Now I'm going to summarize the first adventure: Fires of Creation. This is going to be very spoiler heavy, so be warned, if you ever think you might play in this adventure path, you probably want to skip this one.

Fires of Creation

Part 1: A Dying Torch

The PCs are sent to Torch to find out why the Torch Hill fire has gone out, as the town pays tribute to the League and therefore if its economy fails, so does the League's cut. Additionally they are given a secondary mission to locate a former member, Pauldris Gray, who now has a bounty on his head from Ghartone, an alchemist in the League, who is rumored to be in Torch.

The PCs arrived in Torch and spent a day or so exploring the town. Eventually they decided to meet with the town council's representative, Dolga Freddert. They learned that a local Councilor, Khonnir Baine had gone into the caves underneath Torch Hill and failed to return. They were offered a substantial reward (including a Scroll of Resurrection) for rescuing him. They also got some more of the background details about what's going on in Torch and learned about the four expeditions that went into the caves since the torch went out.

Then they went to investigate Khonnir's house/workshop/tavern The Foundry, in order to speak to his adopted daughter Val. There they found Val being attacked by a crazed malfunctioning robot, which they defeated and rescued her. She offered them the opportunity to stay at the Foundry, and from matching Val and Khonnir's arrival at Torch, with what they knew about Pauldris Gray they began to suspect that Khonnir was Pauldris.

 Part 2: The Black Hill Caves

They then went and investigated the Black Hill caves. The entrance was through a submerged tunnel, and a local cleric, Jorum Kyte offered to cast Water Breathing on them each time they went into the caves. Once in the caves they encountered some various monsters and found the remains of most of the previous expeditions. Notably they encountered some Skulks (who had migrated up from the Darklands) who told them about the expedition that entered before the Torch went out. This group was lead by a "purple haired lady". They also found an entrance into the crashed science ship that is the source of the Torch flame. It took them about four expiditions to explore the caves.

During this time, they recovered the body of dead townsman and got a free masterwork weapon (each) from his father-in-law. Modok also found a blade for his broken hilt and Balance woke up.

They also gambled in Silver Disk hall, and met Garmen Ultreth, the proprietor and local criminal kingpin.

Part 3: The Buried World

Now they began to send expeditions down into the crashed spaceship. The first section they encountered was a large habitat dome that simulated an alien desert. In this desert were undead Kasatha and some other weird alien monsters. They also encountered Hetuath, the Kasatha shaman whose errant prayer as the ship was crashing cursed him and his people. The PCs learned more about what was going and lifted the curse on the Kalastha over the course of about three expeditions.

They met with Sanvil Trett, a local merchant. They discovered he was also a Technic League agent and compared notes.

Part 4: Technological Terrors

The party now delved deeper into the ruined spaceship. They dealt with some weird alien samples, fought some veggiepygmies and robots and "rescued" Khonnir Baine (who had suffered some pretty severe brain damage. They also tried to poison him but weren't very effective at it. Despite this, they managed to collect the reward.This was another three or so expeditions.

They also help Sanvil Trett escape town when his cover was blown (and managed to do this without breaking cover themselves). Trett let them know that Garmen Ultreth was apparently in cahoots with the purple haired lady and was concealing something at his warehouse.

The party cased the warehouse but declined to raid it (they were nervous about the security).

Part 5: Meltdown

The party continued deeper into the dungeon after repairing a broken elevator that led into the Engineering deck. They finally encountered the party that broke the Torch Hill flame, Lords of Rust from Scrapwall. They defeated the purple-haired lady, Meyanda a cleric of Hellion, the first of the iron gods they will eventually deal with. They fixed the reactor failsafe that vents out of torch hill, restoring the torch of Torch.

Having saved the town, they got the town guard to raid the Uferth warehouse for them, and found the device that Meyanda was using to beam power to Scrapwall. Jorum Kyte asked them to deliver a message to his friend in Scrapwall Dinvaya Lanalei. This set the party up for the next adventure Lords of Rust.

At this point the party was about 4th level and had acquired about 18 prestige each.

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