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Bugstiary Adventure Seeds: Giant Hermit Crab to Maddening Cricket.

I missed several weeks so here's a longer post of adventure seeds for The Bugstiary, written by me and published by Gaming Ballistic LLC for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

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Giant Hermit Crab (p. 17)

Tales of the Wandering Hermit After regaling The Wandering Hermit with tales of their last adventure, Snorri Bad-Plans approaches the party with an offer: use his inn as their base of operations and he will steer it where they need to go, so long as they keep entertaining the other clientele. 

A Crab's Home is A Castle It is said that Hròlfur was once the wealthiest Jarl in Nordlond and the most feared raider. His horde was said to contain a legendary treasure taken from a raid on the ancient city-state of Clyphos in  distant Morevel. Hròlfur's Shroud, was a leather mantel said to be the flayed skin of a giant, demon or god from the age before the Shattering, chased in golden letters in a language of power, it grants a wish to the wearer when fed the heart's blood of a worthy foe. The Jarl had built a mighty keep, the Hròlfsborg, said to be the largest stone structure to have ever been built in Nordlond by men, to hold this and his many other treasures. 

The keep is gone now, and its walls are barely visible ruins. Most believe that the God of Thunder smote the keep and slew the Jarl and his men in punishment for his arrogance and cruelty. Successful research by delvers pursuing the Shroud will uncover another tale, that of the handful of survivors of a bloody mutiny who left behind a tower filled with corpses and carrying all the gold and jewels they could manage, The Shroud, they left, for the old Jarl was last seen risen from the dead and still laying waste to his foes. 

The tower itself was found by a very large hermit crab (now SM +13; use the rules from Norlond Bestiary p. 17 to scale it up from SM +5) and taken as it's shell. It had been wandering far from civilization for decades, but recently a "walking tower" has been seen north of Hafoss Lake.

Hertogi Fluganna (pp. 18-19)

Contagion: Strange plagues are spreading across Nordlond and the temples are struggling to cure them. Entire towns and villages are dying, gates are closed against travelers, fear and death reign in the land. The delvers are hired, assigned, or self-motivated to find the source. They must track the infection, predict where the Hertogi Fluganna that is causing it will be next, track it, trap it, and slay it; all while not succumbing to disease themselves.

Giant Horned Beetle (pp. 18-19)

The Drive The heroes are approached (possibly through Blueback, if they previously encountered her), with an unusual job. A coleopteran clan is moving from their lands beneath the mountains to new territory. Rather than underground through territory controlled by other clans, dwarves and maurakappi  they are driving their herds across the surface. They want to hire the party to work the drive, interface with the surface races, and protect their beetles from monsters and raiders.

Cancroids (Krabbadýr, Krabbajarl, Krabbakló) (pp. 21-24)

The Deep Delve Rumors tell the story of a vast ruined complex, the remains of an ancient sunken civilization, lying beneath the waves. This unplundered dungeon promises great awards, but it's not undefended. That civilizations fell for a reason, and its elder thing artifacts remain, waiting for when the stars are right. The crawling creatures that colonized this ruin were transformed by the strange eldritch gates that opened there, and now the city is inhabited by a cancroid colony. Once the delvers solve the basic problems of underwater exploration and survival, they must contend with random patrols of krabbakló, krabbadýr guarding key sites, and the krabbajarl at the center of it all, who will not allow them to steal its master's toys.

Giant Locust (p. 25)

The Deluge The swarm has come! Buzzing bodies have blacked out the sun. The village the players find themselves in lies in its path and they have only a few days to prepare defenses. When the swarm arrives waves of locusts, first just a few, then hundreds, will land and attempt to eat everything in sight.

Maddening Cricket (p. 26)

The Hall of Madness The town of Steinbrú has long been a ghost town, infested by maddening crickets. Among the people who died there, from murder or suicide before it was abandoned, were a party of adventurers who had just returned with a vast treasure. Rumor is that the ghosts of those who died there will reenact their last nights, including where the treasure was hidden. In order to find it though, the heroes will need to stay in the town, withstand the crickets, and follow the ghosts (some of which will certianly be more dangerous than others).

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