Friday, March 17, 2023

Bugstiary Adventure Seeds: Maurakappi

Continuing the adventure seeds for The Bugstiary, (written by me and published by Gaming Ballistic LLC for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game) we have the ant-folk.

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Maurakappi (pp. 27-34)

In Her Majesty's Secret Service There are things that mauradrotting queens need that they cannot ask ants to do, missions that need to be denied at the highest levels, tasks that require agents able to work outside maurakappi society. Eyes-of-Gold-the-River-Deep, a mauraprins, consort and spymaster to The-Sword-Falls-the-Voice-Forgotten, queen of Above-the-Chasm-The-Halls-Ring recruits the party as agents in his colony's covert wars. When needed they will be assigned to such missions as require deniable foreign assets with their specific skills: espionage, assassination, theft etc. Of course, neither the other the queens, nor the jarls of Nordlond would be pleased with this affiliation should it be discovered. 

The Armies of Order Between the ongoing demon incursion, the returned Elder Dragon, the undead army of the lich-jarl, the cancroid raids, the Alfar gleefully exploiting the mayhem, and whatever else is happening apparently all at once, the queens of the maurakappi have had enough. Several major colonies have formed an alliance and, apparently with the blessing of the Lawgiver, are on the march, conquering across Norldlond and bringing order to chaos. The delvers are trapped behind the ant-folk's advance, and identified as enemies of the state, must choose whether to carry out an insurgency or flee.

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