Thursday, February 15, 2018

EZO: Research Base Chomsky: Sedation Protocols

As I said in my last post, Exclusion Zone Operations: Research Base Chomsky (the live action escape scenario I'll be running at Juggers of the Wasteland: Winter Games IV) is a non-combat mission. That doesn't mean it lacks a conflict resolution system though!

Each stalker team will be issued two kits containing a powerful but safe sedative and its stimulant counter-agent. This will allow them to harmlessly neutralize potential threats to mission success without injuring any critical personnel.

Section II: Sedative Kits

Your team has been issued two sedative kits to use to secure personnel that are suspected of loss of cognitive integrity. Each kit contains:
  • One syringe
  • One vial of sedative
  • One vial of stimulant
Each vial contains more than enough doses for any number of repeated usage during the mission.

Sedation Procedure: 

Sedation requires two personnel.
  1. One person should lightly place a hand on the target’s shoulder and clearly say, “I’m restraining you.” 
  2. The target is not permitted to attempt escape once the hand is on their shoulder. 
  3. The second person should stand within arm’s reach of the target and clearly say, “I’m sedating you”, while holding the syringe. 
  4. The target should say, “I’m feeling sleepy.” 
  5. The target is now sedated and no longer needs to be restrained.
  6. You may only perform this procedure if you have the vial marked “Sedative” on your person.

Sedative Effects:

  1. While sedated you will be remain conscious but will be severely impaired. 
  2. You may move within your immediate area in order to sit or lay comfortably but otherwise must stay where others lead you. 
  3. You may only stand and walk if lead by a non-sedated person. 
  4. You must follow wherever you are lead. 
  5. You may speak incoherently or as though you are severely intoxicated. 
  6. You cannot write or draw anything. 
  7. You cannot attempt to deliver any anomalous contagious memetic vectors. 

Revival Procedure

Revival only requires one person.
  1. The person administering the antidote must hold the syringe within arm’s reach and clearly say, “I’m reviving you.” 
  2. The target recovers instantly. 
  3. You may only perform this procedure if you have the vial marked “Stimulant” on your person.

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