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"Pointless Slaying and Looting" Example Character

Over on the GURPS forums Kalzazz asked:
Pointless Slaying and Looting [by Sean Punch, Pyramid #3/72: Alternate Dungeons p. 4] seems pretty cool, but I've gotten lost every time I've tried to use it and just gone back to doing it the boring way

I think an example showing the process of a character being made through it would have helped (like the UT armor design article for instance)

"Pointless Slaying and Looting" is a system for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy that greatly speeds up character creation by dispensing with character points altogether. Instead the player chooses options from a list of traits. It greatly simplifies many traits and makes extensive use of wildcard skills and destiny points.


I want to make an archetype that I really enjoy playing: a sneaky assassin with a bit of magic. We'll call her "Anya the Cunning".


Every character must take one archetype that sets the base attributes and secondary characteristics. Anya's concept demands that she be both intelligent and athletic, which means we select the Versatile archetype.


Characters must choose abilities, which are equivalent to increased attributes, advantages and power-ups in point build GURPS. The GM can adjust the power level of starting characters by changing the number of slots, but the default is eight so we'll do that for Anya.

She needs to cast spells but Wizardry is a major ability that takes up two slots, so instead we'll give her the ability to cast Movement College spells (which includes many that are really useful to theif-y types like Lockmaster and Great Haste) with Minor Wizardry for one ability slot.

Since DX, IQ, and Per are all very important to her we'll give her one level of Smart (a major ability), one level of Coordinated (major) and two levels of Learned (minor) for +1 DX, +3 IQ, and +2 Per which costs six ability slots.

Lastly we want her to be good at backstabbing, since otherwise she's not going to be very effective in a fight, so we give her the first level of the Backstabber ability for one slot.

Heroic Flaws

Next we choose five Heroic Flaws. These work a little bit like quirks, except that the GM can use them to give the player Destiny Points by having the flaw work against the character by helping foes or by acting like a full-blown disadvantage.

We envision Anya as a rough-and-tumble criminal type who often gets herself into trouble but always has her friends' backs.  We give her Avaricious, Inquisitive, Loyal, Scummy, and Troublemaker.


"Pointless Slaying and Looting" uses wildcard skills that represent tasks rather than templates or other archetypes. Wildcards come in levels which determine the skill level you roll against, and any bonuses you get to reactions or other rolls based on the wildcard. The GM can set the starting levels at whatever they choose when determining the power level of starting characters but the default is ten levels with a maximum of five in any one wildcard.

Anya needs to be knowledgeable about magical stuff so we give her 1 level of Arcane Lore!

She's primarily an assassin and we want to make sure to give her a skill that gives her some combat skills too, so we'll give her Assassination! 3 (this also gives her a +1 ST bonus with appropriate weapons and +1 damage from traps and poisons).

We want her to be good at breaking and entering (since that's likely her main role in an adventuring party) so we give her Burgler! 2.

It makes sense that she'd be somewhat skilled at sleight of hand and pick-pocketing, so we give her Fast Hands! 1.

She needs to be competent at dungeon parkour and battlefield mobility so we give her Mobility! 1

Lastly she can cast Movement spells, so we give her Movement College! 2. She can cast those spells at skill-15 which gives her the 1 FP breakpoint.

Note that Assassination, Burglar and Mobility all stack for key tasks like Stealth, giving her effectively six levels when all three apply.

Destiny Point Limit:

She has 10 levels in wildcards, and none of the traits that modify DPL, so she has 10 points.

Anya the Cunning

Attributes: ST 10; DX 13; IQ 15; HT 12.
Secondary Characteristics: Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs.; HP
10; Will 13; Per 14; FP 12; Basic Speed 6.00; Basic Move 6.

Backstabber 1
Coordinated 1
Learned 2
Minor Wizardry (Movement)
Smart 1

Heroic Flaws

Arcane Lore!  1 Att-1 +0/+0
Assassination! 3 Att+1 +1/+1
Burgler! 2 Att +0 +0/+0
Fast-Hands! 1 Att-1 +0/+0
Mobility! 1 Att-1 +0/+0
Movement College! 2 Att+0 +0/+0

DPL: 10

It took me 21 minutes to make Anya, and I suspect I'd be even faster after I made a few more characters using these rules.

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