Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Madness Dossier ZIASUDRA Session 1 Notes

On September 18th we played the first session of my Madness Dossier game; recaps starting here.

CP Awards:

Sir James - 2
Coheli - 3
Agent Knox - 2
Agent Wills - 3
Lady Margaret - 2
Dr. Bisset - 4


  •  "How will we get our feet wet if we are flying?" -Coheli, roleplaying his Literal-Minded Quirk.
  • In the interests of getting things moving, I forgot some of the rules from Tactical Shooting that I wanted  to use.
  • I also forgot to track Stress. 
  • I need to remember Bisset's Weirdness Magnet. 
  • Using Technical Grappling is definitely worth it in terms of making grappling interesting, but we still need practice with it to get it smoothly. Should review some of Doug's supporting material for this.


  1. The technical grappling is confusing, but I suspect I will get the hang of it eventually. Or I'll die. Happens.

  2. Hang on I think I got a thing that might help:

    There's several other posts on his blog that might help us too, and a Pyramid article "Takedown Sequences" in Pyramid #3/61:Way of the Warrior which is a how-to-guide to the system, I'll review it before we game again.