Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Madness Dossier ZIASUDRA Session Recap (9/18/2016) Part II

On Sunday October the 18th we played the first actual session of my GURPS Horror: Madness Dossier game. This continues the recap from my last post.

Gearing Up

Everybody with at least [1]  point in Guns (Pistol) (so Bisset, Knox (for Oggun) and Coheli) was issued a P226 in .40 S&W with two magazines of ball, and one of APHC (in concealed holsters for the first two and a shoulder holster for the Golden Child).

Everybody with at least [1] point in Beam Weapons (Projector) was issued a holdout ikoter.

Coheli was also issued a TL9 tablet computer and a collapsible baton.

Dr. Bisset was issued 50 sheets of flash paper and an erasable marker for glyphs as well as a preprinted NI.NGI.NA (Truth) glyph.

Everybody got Tachist 4.0 and Tach Scripts for Area Knowledge (St. Alban's Bay), Area Knowledge (Mosul), Arabic and Akkadian. They also were all issued Noise-Canceling Earpieces.

Lady Margaret was issued a Mental Carrier Tone Generator built into her earpiece.

Sir James requested and received a digital recording kit for the interview (otherwise he was expected to use the equipment available on site).

Coheli requested and received the Tach script for English. Some Project scientists observed him very carefully after he wrenched it.

The Mission

Sir James, Dr. Bisset, Agent Wills and Coheli flew out of Granite Peak at oh-dark-thirty and landed at Burlington Air Guard Base, transferred to helicopter to Ball Island and arrived at around 1000 local time. Dr. Carol Gunnar, The Park's director, met them on the helipad. Everybody made a Body Language roll (at default); only Bisset succeeded and realized that Gunnar was extremely nervous about something.

As she led them into the examination room where they were supposed to interview Libretti (note that I used a slightly modified floorplan of a real clinic), Coheli (who has Impulsiveness) took off to the neighboring administration building to do his secondary task (tech support updates).

In the clinic some of the team noticed that the facility was a subduction zone, just as Gunnar opened the door to the examination room to reveal a SHEG (Obey and Agree) glyph drawn on a poster board and propped in the chair where Libretti was supposed to be. Everyone on the team made their rolls to resist except Bisset, and Gunnar gave the command "Listen" (she was going to try to use Fascinate). Wills activated Bisset's earpiece, and then began to summon Damballah. An ikoter fight broke out between Sir James and Dr. Gunnar (which was an amusing stalemate because both of them have really high Will). Bisset finally got control again and used the SHEG glyph on Gunnar, but not before she was able to summon help.

Using Gunnar's own NI.NGI.NA (Truth) glyph, they interrogated her, and learned that the head psychiatrist Dr. Wilson March is possessed by a êkimmu irruptor. They also discovered that their phones are being jammed and they currently have no way to contact the Project.

Meanwhile Coheli went to sign into the admin building and was shown a clipboard with an UKU (Sleep) glyph, as a golden child he easily made his resistance roll, and then cluelessly ( and hilariously) showed the glyph to the guard saying "Why did you show me this?" The guard (barely) made his resistance roll, and tried to wrestle the glyph from Coheli, putting him into a arm-lock and doing a takedown. Coheli rolled underneath the guard, fast-drew his pistol and shot the guard in the arm (causing permanent crippling, knockout, and the guy eventually bled out). 

He then, summoned by Sir James, crossed over to the clinic using Invisibility Art, and witnessed a Scorpion Man fly over from the clinic roof to kill the helicopter pilot.

In the clinic Damballah arrived and Wills/Damballah slithered up into the acoustic tiling. Two scorpion-men arrived, and tried to hose down the room with automatic fire, but Damballah dropped on them and wrestled one of them while Dr. Bisset drew his pistol and started firing back (after a turn of shooting, he decided to switch to his APHC magazine which quickly dispatched the irruptors. Sir James eventually resorted to using his ikoter as a fist load and knocked Dr. Gunnar out.

Trying to get into the clinic Coheli eventually caught the attention of another security guard, who he also shot, and took his keys and taser.

As they recovered from the firefight, the helicopter with Lady Margaret and Agent Knox arrived. As the team all managed to rendezvous in the corridor outside of the exam room, a third security guard, with his pistol drawn, ordered them to freeze. Lady Margaret used NLP to get him to cooperate with them.

They still don't really know what is going on here, or where Libretti is.

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