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Madness Dossier- Ontotectonic Projection (2014.05.03)

Ontotectonic Projection for 2014.05.03*.
In my GURPS Horror: The Madness Dossier Campaign (now code-named "Ziasudra"), I will be using the "Oil-Spot Method" of determining if reality quakes occur (Madness Dossier p. 58). This is a hands-on method using a map of key strategic reality subduction zones and will be updated in response to PC mission success or failure (with the PC's taking the role of the Control staffers who assign their missions).
This map depicts the crucial theater of the reality war; subduction zones elsewhere are diversions or attempts at second fronts.
-GURPS Horror: The Madness Dossier p. 58
To set this up, the rules say to mark 3d locations (minimum six) with dots and connect them with 1d line segments (no longer than a couple of inches relative to the scale of the map. I rolled nine locations and two segments and decided on the following sites:
  • Babylon (near Hillah), Iraq: Significant holy city of Akkadian-Mesopotamian civilization and capital of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.
  • Byblos, Lebanon: Capital of the Phoenician Civilization .
  • Gaza, Palestinian Authority: Founded as a bronze-age Egyptian fortress in Canaanite territory and currently an epicenter of Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
  • Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt: This iconic ruin may be much older than the Pyramid complex it is associated with, and may predate Egyptian civilization entirely. 
  • Karnak, Egypt: Center of worship for Amun during the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt.
  • Nineveh (in Mosul), Iraq: Major city of Upper Mesopotamia.
  • Nippur (near Nuffar), Iraq: Major Sumarian holy city until supplanted by Babylon. Currently the site of a significant Project archeological dig.
  • Tell Megiddo, Israel: A city-state of ancient Israel, and the site known as "Armageddon" in the Book of Revelations.
  • Ur (near Tell el-Muqayyar), Iraq: Significant Sumerian city; the Ziggurat of Ur is the best preserved of those structures.
I decided to draw the two fault lines from Nineveh to Babylon, and from the Sphinx to Giza.

*In-universe the Google boilerplate would be absent, of course.

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