Sunday, November 13, 2016

Madness Dossier Ziasudra Session Recap (10/23/2016)

Session two of Zisudra picked up where we left off last session with the team at a covert SANDMAN facility where things had gone terribly wrong.

The Team

Sir James Hook CB Phd: Applied Anthropologist - Team Leader
Dr. Cornelius Q. Bisset Phd: Reality Archeologist
Agent Josie Wills: Cheval (Loa are Wabbit and Damballah)
Agent Charlie Knox:  Cheval (Loa is Oggun)
Coheli: Golden Child
Lady Margaret Ballingall Phd: Neurolingist

The Mission:

Based on the interrogation of Dr. Gunnar they decided to go after the êkimmu possessing Dr. Marsh. They got the guard that Lady Margaret had suborned, Ken Li, to lead them to Dr. Marsh's office. They nearly missed it due to the GU.SHUB (Neglect) glyph painted on the door. There was a bit of confusion as the non-affected party members tried to convince the affected ones that there really was a door there.

Agent Wills channeled Wabbit and warped into the closet. She knocked on the closet door from the inside. The possessed Dr. Marsh opened the closet door and Agent Wills opened the door to the office while he wasn't looking. He turned to look at the door and she warped behind him and bonked him on the head with the DSM-IV "Eh, what's up Doc?"

Unfortunately that didn't knock him out, but Coheli shooting him did.

Poking around his office and on the network, they learned some things: Frank has been missing for days and a high value prisoner, Larry Mack, classified under CLEAR WARRIOR has been held in the facility since the 80s. Coheli took the opportunity to do the security updates to the network that he was assigned.

Meanwhile some of the team became aware that the island, already a subduction zone, was heading towards a temblor.

They went over to residency to look for Frank. Something really bad had clearly happened there. They looked in the first floor windows into a crafts area where many people had been recently killed, apparently while mass producing Annunaki glyphs.

At that point Coheli say a naked man (Larry Mack, a chödpa) sneaking towards the helipad using Invisibility Art, and started shooting at him. Larry tried to jump up to the roof (with Power Blow), but Dr. Bisset's player reminded me that owed a Serendipity coincidence, so he ended up pulling a loose fire ladder on to himself and (with this session's coincidence) was pinned underneath. They shot him a bunch of times and left him for dead (he used Body Control to play dead).

They found Frank in his room, meditating (using the Bodhisattva loa) and successfully interrogated him . Frank explained that Dr. Gunnar was trying to create her own hidden tighearnamach fiefdom in the Park under the Project's nose, he resisted with Bodhisattva and escaped with Run-Hide-Kill-Run, but was unable to leave the island, so he returned and set Mack free hoping to escape in the chaos.

Under hypnosis he recalled the Mosul mission. The important details were that a probable reality shard was recovered and seized by the Iraqi government and that Mukhābarāt agents apparently used hypnosis and GESHTUG.ULU glyphs to conceal this. This artifact was a tablet made of unidentified green stone. Frank also was able to recall the TIN (Healing) glyph and Dr. Bisset was able to learn it.

Larry stole the teams helicopter and left. Larry Mack will return...

The team was able to get the communications working again and the Project sent a reality stabilization team. 

I deemed this mission to be an extremely ambiguous success: they prevented a reality quake, stopped a traitor, recovered the information they needed but also released a chödpa into the world.

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