Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Great Cthulhu

I painted the Reaper Bones Great Cthulhu a while ago. I wanted a darker colored Cthulhu than some of the more lime green ones I've seen (like the one on the box, for instance) and I went to marine animals for inspiration. I think he came out pretty good.

Now I'll probably never need Cthulhu for a game (sadly), but having a Cthulhu statue is pretty cool and he was fun to paint.

Update: So after I took the pictures yesterday, my Cthulhu started to fall apart. I have had to reglue the arms and feet, and one wing. I will have to repair the paint were reglueing has damaged it now.
Which tells me that next time I paint a big multi-piece figure that I really need to be absolutely sure it is well glued.

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